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Not Anxiety Back Off (Blackout!/EFA 1996)

Marc Steven Bell is not that famous as himself but when it comes to a well-known American musician best for his daily job for being a drum-basher for the legendary Punk-Rock group The Ramones – you shall knowing him as Marky Ramone behind the sets as well written his “good biography” on Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone or some movies related to the journey and revolutions of the world most simple rock format sounds ever invented by mankind. Such a great debut record for Marky Ramone and The Intruders' self-titled recording with his crew – Ben Trokan, Gilbert Avondet or Johnny Pisano; telling us about the futuristic metropolis rebuilds by the rushy drumming or electric six-string punchy distorts in Power-Pop Punk Rock and Rockabilly/Surf targets sound-wave.

Controlling by giant toy robots – you need to let yourself loose from here and runaway just about when the tracks blasting which I Want My Beer, Coward with a Gun, Good Luck You’re Gonna Need It, 3 Cheers For You, Oh No Not Again Maybe Tomorrow and Holding a Grudge to Man of God might really returning your memories from blast of the past for honoring The Ramones and the next steps evolving with Uncle Marky and his troops.