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Night Fever Mantra (Interscope Records 1999)

   The kidnapping of once an infamous superhero of Champion City – Captain Amazing based on Flaming Carrot Comics made onto a theatre bigger screen movie of really fun and dark comedy starring names that going to make your interest grows higher to watch how Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria and William H. Macy among their friends of super-freaks ordinary heroes club trying to save their town from the evil planning hour led by the wicked super-villain Casanova Frankenstein and his backfires crew of glam-hellish crooks like Tony P and Disco Boys with other henchmen and women – successfully, captures the (now) dandy and corrupted Captain Amazing before some of the local heroes whom trying to helping him actually, kills him by the zapper vaporizing machine made by Casanova in a basement.
   Team-building of then led coalition for Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and Blue Raja  with co. got an epiphany under the guidance of the mysterious The Sphinx – whom actually loved to repeating his own words of wisdom and make confusing all the member-teams from The Spleen, The Bowler girl, Invisible Boy even the clever inventor Dr. A Heller while the time is running out before Casanova Frankenstein with Tony C and the rest of their gang of bandits and criminals not only kidnapping Claire Forlani as Monica (Roy/Furisous babe girl) but before midnight as the taking over of Champion City The Mystery Men got to stopping every dirty crooked and dangerous plan from their evil enemies as saving the girl and the citizens by destroying the bad guys and destroying the damn machine. 
   For the soundtrack compilation of V.A Msytery Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) produced executively by Karyn Rachtman did pretty well to becoming the background for most of laughable scene, spoken words as conversations and facts that Electronic Rock, Pop Alternative to Rap Music and Disco Stage & Screen from the listed names artists like Smash Mouth with All Star, John Oszajca’s Back in 1999, Moloko for Indigo, Kel and The M.A.F.T Emcees asking the same important question on Who Are Those Mystery Men; Violent Femmes doing No More Heroes, The Trammps bringing their Disco Inferno beats as well as Michael Franti and Spearhead for Sometimes – finally, seeing the huge explosion did ended the reign of Casanova with the good guys winning and got their recognitions from the public and media. 

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