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Never Forgive Forget (Mazzar Records 2014)


   After decided to concentrate as the band’s manager on the latter days and leave her duty for fronting it after several quite good times of Extreme Melodic Metal sessions as Arch Enemy vocalist – Angela Gossow steps down and give her throne to another ferocious female fronted of The Agonist’s sexiest blue-haired growler Alisa White-Gluz leading the rest of the group members drummer Daniel Erlandsson to Sharlee D’Angelo (bass) and Jeff Loomis with Michael Amott on shredding section sounded standard and extreme as usual but fanatic fans can hear that how the vocals changed but never faded out as the correction to the issues or false stories behind the formation fixing for this one of the semi-legendary new Modern Metal bands out there that flicks a revolution worldwide within their presence.
   Alissa White-Gluz led her way screaming like a hellish banshee creature but you know that damn right – she’s too hot to handle as the band creeps behind her deadly sensuality figure away from the superior of the previous led singer within the band’s ninth recording – War Eternal that keeps these fourteen tracks of smashing metallic fast and melodic like slasher knife sharpen enough to slice your throat immediately while the lyrics moving towards thus apocalypse figures represented by the greed, the gluttony, the wicked and the anti-savior as all crushed and blending inside the extremist songs anthem from Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in a F Minor), As The Pages Burn which concentrating to the killer solos, slicing chords and dueling melodic shreds by Arch Enemy. 

One might still feel the best shall remains through Graveyard of Dreams or Stolen Life or Avalanche as many eyes being hypnotized by the new female figure fronting the heavier band just like a reborn goddess of destruction to your existence. 

War Eternal: