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Nero Extended (Bros Music 2005)

   Three blonde-beauties that using their nice Pop vocals, Caucasian charms and complete talents on performing their own good ability on playing musical instruments which being solidify onto this group of Estonian Pop-Metal trio of Vanilla Ninja.
   As the name maybe weird but not the music cause different from how you might misspelling these girls names; Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals/guitars), Katrin Siska (keyboards/synthesizers) and Piret Jarvis (guitars/vocals) as well as the formers such as Maarja Kivi (vocals/bass) or Triinu Kivilaan (bass, vocals) as the releasing for the third recording sessions through Blue Tattoo means that the music might be provided in sequences of the likes level of the audience from the range of The Bangles, Vixen to Within Temptations via Roxette inspired there as the track-listing wrote down and composed in arranges – delivering to us thus awesome almost semi-theatrical epic sounds and too much Pop-touches giving the band a very good recognition along the several European charts and countries loving to have the songs like I Don’t Care At All, The Coldest Night, Hellracer, Never Gotta Know, Cool Vibes, Corner of My Mind and Undercover Girl over My Puzzle of Dreams. 

One might needs a Pop sensation that sounding not cheesy but rocking like a radiant outfit for ears.

Blue Tattoo: