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My Anodyne (W.H.B Records 2017)

Blending as the hardest parts and less-brutality for their Punk-Horror meets Death-Rock mixture as the duo from New Jersey with Jeff on guitars/vocals and Brendan on bass/vocals and the art-logo which looks freaking cool enough as well as the music and sounds similar closely to The Offspring by their early years; you might liking how Devil In The Belfry comes out from its hiding spot to shocking the world around them.

The night-mare symphonies on Punk, Horror-themed or the background shouts may always reminding us about the imported Horror-Punk Rock of Lodi, NJ by Glenn Danzig and co. since then and always the developing towards the decades that songs of low and negative energy such as Anywhere But Here, The Blob, Vampyre, Into Oblivion and The Shadow Lurks among others here described on the Wandering Alone album – always selling the highest point of our fears of something darker or mysterious carried by our society urban folklore related.

Wandering Alone: