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Murdering Post (Not On Label 2010)

Power-triggered quartet making their ensemble of loud and dangerous music metallic by Samuel (guitars), Acaymo D. (drums), Koko (vocals, guitars) and Sergio (bass) – hailing themselves out of Madrid, Spain and thus crashing aspects brought to frontal by the band’s basic Thrah to Groove Metal alliance independently, showing the national level of heavy music scene that The Seed can touch the finish-line for the success by releasing their semi-Southern Metal tinged debut album entitled From Nowhere To No One.

From the unknown process to the little bit recognitions over the bashing acts thrown everywhere like a blast-shot while you listening to the seminal extreme raging force of power via Antihuman Brigade, Master of Men, All The Dreams Are For, Emptiness, Remorse and The Media Lies might be like putting your newer Sepultura recording because you think the world now is a developing better place like the government suggests to tell you to do and stupidly, your mom put it onto Bag of Fools.