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Motherless Mikey (Temporary Residence Limited 2011)

Northern Manhattan – present day; two neighbors of Inwood named Pal De Jong and Zammuto forming their own united group which collaborates the same ideas on production of elements within the fuses of Electronic undertones and Folkish acoustic combinations mastering their works of composing through the uses of their computers and talents sensibility.

The Books redeeming  the experimental of rock-electro on this debut album called Thought For Food as the Brooklyn, NY touches served your intrigue sounds alike pretty much well enough. 

Enjoy Your Worries You May Have Them Again to All Our Base are Belong to Them, A Dead Fish Gains The Power of Observation or Excess Straussess would gladly, deceiving the listening ears not looking for too much vocals but simplicity in instrumental works might love this version of new music emerging.

Thought For Food: