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Morkret Kryper Pa (Yellow Dogs 2004)

Not as devastating as let’s say – Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow scary growlers but still the faster music and mosh-pit’s atmosphere of breaking bones and punching faces covered blood led by the five-piece rock-heads forcing their metallic-background but mainly serving Crust-Punk and D-Beat crushing enough to destroying your lame stupid party to waste even only played on the bad stereo system.
To What End ? from Stockholm – Sweden must be the newer scene of the underground Hardcore/Metal Punkers whose still collaborates to make disturbing songs and social issues over Concealed Below The Surface as the suspects for every riots explode within the G-8 community meeting everywhere. David Stark, Elenor Fallgren, Jocke Rydbjer, Martin Lindvall to Mikael Dahl came and burning your stage – shitting on your parents new world slavery values and bashing everyone who supporting the collapsed economy measurements of the poor fund as Conspiracy, Armed to The Teeth, No One Left to Praise, Versus, Final Victory, Stolen Grace and Critical Moment as the Hardcore-Punk will kept fighting and struggle as Confrontation never fades, Strickly Confidential.

Concealed Below The Surface: