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Moomba Woomba (Antifur 2016)

   Various synthesizer samplings and Electronic experiments in form of the Rave-Techno-Hardcore or Gabber music sounds blasting harder which confirmed by the taste of polluting sound-maker like (The Ghost Of) KlouKloun that might look like a dress-up clown creature but mysteriously, might giving you creeps for seeing the figure suddenly, walking closer towards you – standing on a dark alley or pedestrian side of an empty road before midnight – as nobody’s there to help but the immediate danger seems to be pops up in front of you – as the clown masked smile gruesomely; Welcome To Pripyat Pt. II must be the uncommon recording compilation for celebrating your failure marks or an evening of the creeps changed into a party for the maniacs listening and cranking a loud the tracks like Actions (featuring TrumTrump), Jongleries (featuring Skriless); I Am Dead No Saturation Matter (featuring Clipttt) and Untilded 3 (featuring OSCUB) as well as some Russian Cyrillic alphabets also written there by KlouKloun infective and irresistible to accompanied the drinking heavy hour like thus last psychotic-nite tomorrow with Le Dauphin or Putaviscious.

 Juggling dance now bitch or getting your intestine cut out !