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Mob Sculpture Mars (Long Walk/N.I.C 2016)

   Echoing the darker side of how Hardcore turning its path from the resurgence type thing extreme music onto thus horrific tentative of semi-Death Rock with ten tentacles of destructive Punkish elements ready to unleashed like a monstrous beast – hunger for the mankind existence and their sins that never ever washed away since the beginning of time until the last Sunday services; these Wroclaw, Poland crew of a faster New School pledging onto slay the wealthy bollocks through sickening tracks and bashing beats like the punches or kicks inside the mosh-pit and slamming onto your front door via the performance of hatred and anger feelings since the young ages carried by the masked figure and the band members: Dawid, Igor Grudzinki, Lukasz Michulka and Maciek quartet of calling themselves simply as a club stomper as The Dog as featured these ex-members of two groups from the local scene like We Are Idols or Ass To Mouth.
   Is it going to reminds you – the front cover of their debut album called The Devil Comes At Night looks like a racist record while the track-listed already having their own force to breaking almost anything as the grinding Punk-Hardcore attacks via The Will Of Religion, The Constant Factor, Pathetic Motherfuckers, Feed The Worms with Their Guts onto Hannibal At Your Ceiling, I Am Not The Man I Think I Am and Cult Of Nothing. 

Be permanently releasing all thus powering hammered hate and fists to those whom deserving them – on an empty gravel road …

The Devil Comes At Night: