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Mintaka Alnitak (Season Of Mist 2016)

Arranging the new formations but never a changing concept as the superstar of Marseille, France’s underground Post-Metalcore Cross-over group Eths sees the departed of their beloved front-woman Candice Clot to be switched to the next queen of new frontier growler/screamo experience and beauty expectation on Rachel Aspe; a former singer that failed to continue on a talent singing contest show on national television.

One shall surprising how original but plain Rachel Aspe handling her new crown as Eths front-woman with the rest of the members loyally there for her like Stephane “Staif” Bihl the guitarist and samples, bassist Daniel Ballin to R.U.L the drummer as the shadowy dark leaving even this powerful Deathcore groovy of Industrial Metal recording album from the band – Ankaa sounded raw, full of Occults symbols but stagnant as like the group’s immunity already being infected by the wind of hiatus or disbanding effects haunts them. 

Still one needs to have a courage heart and telling themselves that the new Eths perhaps, will surviving the uncertainty and storming more stages again as before in flaming techniques. 

For the fans of either Otep, Suicide Silence or In This Moment would love to head-banging with Seditio, Nixi Dii, Vae Victis and Kumari Kandam which strangely explosive nor scary !