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Military Rap (Chrysalis 1981)

When she’s not making albums with her infamous old group Blondie or going back for signing up again for pornography actress sites not because she didn’t wanted  to do it but the music experiences for this American born-singer form Miami Florida not from England as you might thought you knew her from …
Angela Tremble or being worldly known as Deborah Harry or Debbie Harry arranging her own sounds to releasing the work on this debut record through the eighties era with Synth-Pop/Disco/Electronic Rock, Funk/Soul and of course, Reggae-Calypso sounds in blended materials under the title of the odd KooKoo. 
Plenty songs to listening up here as your interests might growing higher even while you just have the first sight of it; sexually – sensual as usual but also presenting some of the great beats to forcing your feet to dance like nuts following the music. 
The weird tortured face of Debbie Harry on the front cover doesn’t really interrupting how thus songs like Inner City Spillover. Chrome, The Jam Was Moving, Jump Jump to Under Arrest losing their touch as Deborah Harry reveals that consisting names like Nile Rodgers on guitar, Tony Thompson the drummer, Robert Sabino (keyboards) within horns arrangements, percussion and more backing vocals long lists. H.R. Giger also painting the little bit scary concept.