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Midi Club (Self-Released 2016)

Dark sub-culture, late night lust; New Wave of parallel realities ideas onto bizarre lyrics veiling from the clashing between analog synthesizer and mechanical drums as the minimalist Industrial/Electronic Punk duo: Kaleb “Caleb Blag” Blagdon and Robert “Killroy” Katerwol did their parts as Weird Candle to destroying your innocent type of chosen music here with this releases number three off their career sounds material beats for the EBM/Dark-Wave Electro mixture album: Alter Ego.
The two dimension exchanges from normal curly haired human onto the skeleton must be a big measurement of the odd process of camouflage or just a sequence on transforming from mortal to spirits that walks through a balancing likes of The Clash turning sorrowful on Animal Magnitism, Control, Cyclical Heartbreak, Revert Traces to Limosine aren’t trying to show-off the causes and effects happened when cassettes format being replaced by disc/CD and original daily music getting lower and filled up with more Goth/Dark temperatures as it twisted.

Alter Ego: