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Meme Fine (Bandcamp 2017)

   Love the compilation that comes from the good intention of heart where feelings gathered there by ideas and favorite story about your canine pets as all proceeds along the related background tales around how affected the Harvey Hurricane has been to not only people and families but also dogs in needs for help. Donating their talents of song-writings and making great simple songs are these artists such as: Mike Krol, The Doubleclicks, Nerf Herder, Chantal Claret, Jonah Ray to Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus as being produced by Casey boyd and Allie Goertz. Various artist album of Los Angeles’ s concept recording on Dog Songs truly sounding like you’re not pretending to do it but everything comes deeper from your own loving hearts as some of those real story about loving dogs as well being inspired by others from Carrie Fisher or Keanu Reeve as well as S.A Bach did for What You Can Do For Moose (Frasier), Bummer & Lazarus (History) by Jenny’s Midnight Screamatorium; Clifford’s Not Too Big (Clifford The Big Red Dog) onto Einstein form Back to The Future, Sick ball of Stand By Me movie and Dan Bern’s Scooby (Scooby Doo) and Beethoven done performs by Mike Krol.

Let the magic happens when many people really showing that they’re care about man’s best friends and like Orphans (Wizard of Oz) – Adam Busch knows that this is really a miracle in the working.