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Maetel The Echoes (Holy Records 2008)

   Founded by the combinations of ideas under the influences of the world music variety and the atmospheric layers on ethnic instruments, synthesizers and female voice given the embarks virtue of mystic, ethereal and mesmerizing by thoughts as the French duo performances: Gerard Chambellat, Fabrice Lefebvre with Jean Lefebvre uniting different cultures and thus encountering journey to dreams of civilizations and emotional compositions raising through thus images and blurred legacy left behind in a form of folklore and children stories as well as the spoken chants telling the globe about the oriental/middle eastern-tinged mysteries places of secrets like Tibet, the Stepe of Mongolia, rain-forest jungles and remote tranquility heaven dimensional kept and dwells somewhere between Towards The universe, Lamentation, Sun Comes To Life and Tree of Patience among other tracks – spreading the words and spells for wisdom collective telepathy through-out those sixteen songs written and arranged by Rajna on this recording release of Duality.