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Madskillz-Cheeka (Hollywood Records 2001)


   Assassinating plot on Prime Minister of Malaysia, pair of two elements from short films and the corrupted executives inside the center circle of the fashion world inspiring of the modeling realm with the main figure spotlighting on the promising but narcissistic male model story of Derek Zoolander as a dark satire plus an American type of comedy movie starring/directed by Ben Stiller with Owen Wilson, Will Farrell to the sexy Milla Jovovich as Hansel the rival model, Jacobim Mugatu – the villain character of both sarcastic stupid and dangerous on the same time (and) Katinka Ingabogovinanana.
With the rivalry of Zoolander and Hansel on the world’s catwalk shows because they’re both shining brighter nowadays; the brainwashed model to murder important top leader in order to maintaining the cheap labor child workers supplies on the third world countries but the menace plan also being investigated by an agent named Maury Ballstein as well the tarnished critics from gorgeous female journalist – Matilda Jefferies making all the reputation of male models as being selfish silly, excessively freaked and erotic strange soon making Derek to retired permanently.
   As the story goes farther to more conspiring chaotic on the runway show where the prime minister almost get the second attempts for being killed by Derek Zoolander but Hansel whom at first fighting him now combating hand in hand to fight the evil Mugatu as well saving Matilda; letting the bad mogul minds of Mugatu arrested by the authority approved by the assassinating plot related proof.      The soundtrack for this glamour film that really take a good close-up looks inside the intimate and vulgar displays among modeling as the features of a compilation within good tracks available fits the outrageous and the romantic aspects as well as the laughter scenes for the movie. 
From the great classics Top-Ten hits cover like Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s hypnotizing song of Relax; Rufus Weinwright goes for He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother, Michael Jackson’s Beat It (Moby’s Sub Mix) and Rockit by Herbie Hancock or something silly like Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go onto the new ones from hot artists and bands like No Doubt, Nikka Costa, The Wallflowers and Orgy to The Crystal Method. 

Promising that you shall laughing your ass off over this one !