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Macumba 3000 (Tommy Boy 2016)

   World-widely Hip-Hop and Rap music collective crew hailing from New York’s seminal of the lesser-known project productions over the formation of talented members to it such as Don Newkirk, Mary Ann Vieira, Paul Huston and Rodrigo Brandao of Brookzill bringing their grooves as the player for turntable, keyboards to the grooves and the lyrics written flowing via the microphones frying your ears for more dance-beats all the way through the releasing record of Throwback To The Future distributes widely as internationally started from the national levels did the powerful rhythmic and polished traditional mixing between the black culture and Brazilian background based on the Pop-cultured station results. 
Fixing your scores and your weight to lose those depression out permanently via Saudade Songbook, Nascido No Ceu, Maralem, Mad Dog in Yoruba; S. Bento MC5 straight through Mysterious and Todos Os Terreiros as one can seeing them in the clothing of various colorful cultural realm of uniting the strength. 

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Throwback To The Future: