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Luminous Coat (Not On Label 2013)

Works every time but not familiar onto praising Lando Carlissian but more into the favorable and background interpretations on many Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Clutch to Weedeater and Kyuss as many legends inspired as well to them – the Pittsburgh’s Psychedelic Stoner Rock band calling themselves: Supervoid.

As being interesting as well onto animals, dirty cartoons to Neil Degrasse Tyson and rocketing the music and lyrics of their own journey to outer space within high-energy, crusher riffs, catchy beats, powerful bass-line and crisp-vocals with blasting drums performance from drummer Greg, bassist John, guitarist Joe and vocalist Brian; biting hard the critics and bad comments about them making music as the hundreds already attracted and starts following them on the releasing of Filaments and the symbolic signals explaining some parts of the tracks themselves. 

Like Arcane Groves to Ladders;  Rodeo Queens of Allegheny to The Bear; Braymerian: War Elephant or Wake of The Smoke Jumper telling the bluesy reports of tales traditionally or real urban legends as a magic virtue blasting the speakers but enlightening the blinds and the one whom cannot spoken. 

A miracle in Stoner Rock realizing !