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Lucky Misdirection (Not On Label 2017)

   Foursome quartet of Dark Rooms as Daniel Hart, Casey Trela, Bobak Lotfipour and Rachel Ballard from Los Angeles, CA bring their intensive Alternative Indie Rock as well as Electronic-Pop onto the mixing board of ideas from them to the bigger global online society and scene of this type of genre fan-based. The vinyl of remarkable recording for the second times via Distraction Sickness really would making your ears stop searching the sounds and grabbing the record tighter fast as the essential beats for dancing may stronger appearing within the rocking parts of the half percentages on the band’s modern new music performance.
Orchestrations to strings arrangements as well as the lively presentation of tracks to distort or distracts are I Get Overwhelmed, Sure Everything’s Fine, 6AM & Do It Again bursts with the following Sincerity Forever or La Perle De Tahiti – crowned the group – Dark Rooms not waiting for too damn long to be famous if they can’t keeping this up !

Distraction Sickness: