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Loneliness Prey (Maple Metal Records 2016)

Incorporated started of these five-piece melodic Death Metal/Black Extreme project off Turin, Piedmont – Italy palying their infamous symphonic Gothic Metal to Black/Death metallic intentions came within the both completed philosophy, contrasts between good and evil onto Horror/Goth related as the keyboards and female/male vocals really conquering the band’s main tidal path of music.
Heavy Metal satanic and haunting lyrics or stories might caught your attention for Misteyes’ Insanus (lead guitar), Irmin (vocals), Hephaestus (bass), Hyde (keyboards), Ainwen (vocals) and Marco Turco (drums) with Dan Xander (guitars) for their debut full length releasing album on Creeping Time. The lost of last timing ends as the sands already out counting and death comes to collect the living and dry-out their bones and skeletons for collections of hell awaits. 
Scary or eerie won’t make any new differences for these tracks bursting hard through your stereo system like the cursing spells riding Brain ina Vat, Inside The Golden Cage, A Fragile Balance (Awake The Beast – part 1), Decapitated Rose and Winter’s Judgement sending all the meaningful about how evil shall rules in the end …

Creeping Time: