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Light Failure (Self-Released 2013)

Sludge atmospheric that carries the reality themes about how angry our holy goddess mother earth to her children – the mankind for kept on as planned; destroying the entire corners of the blue planet to themselves and their over-populated descendants as these US Drone/ Doom/Sludge Metal – Sea Of Bones; off New Haven – Connecticut that comprising of Gary Amedy, Kevin Wigginton, Tom Mucherino or Tichondrius displaying their secondary recording album entitled – The Earth Wants Us Dead ringing a direct prophecy visions for us with the raging high and gigantic trees looking down in disgust over humanity as the destroyer of the ecosystem and environments.

These Ethereal experiments on Domm/Sludge metallic here provided in screaming growlers bursting out together with Black Arm, The Stone The Slave and The Architech all the way to The Bridge and Beneath The Earth. Slo, burning, tortures and heavy to stomping the ground with medium earthquake from here to eternity until midnight and tell them that the title isn't gave you a warning sign to get up. 

Doomsday is about to coming and have you prepared ?

The Earth Wants Us Dead: