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Liestrong Perigo (Independent 2015)

   As being too damn Hardcore-Punk to the bone; your ears won’t be quite fair to hear these tracks or sounds performance by a lesser-known band that giving a confusion about - Diferent either they’re coming from Argentina or Marseille but no matter as that’s not really important right now – just prepare yourself for the slamming mosh-pit of these fast speed-HC local in power/semi-violence tasks available through the mini-recording of Here in Buenos Aires 12” as the cover showing us the burning by colors of the Washington monument and the entire fake city down as the ghouls and spirit-ghosts ruling the streets while the background for that riot event comes louder as Don’t Be a Champ; A Estrada vai Muito Mais Alem do Que se ve (which also sounded wiser as phrase –don’t you think) onto We Are On The Move as things seems to end so faster as the destruction might took place like a mail order distro-label shipments from the next door alley.

Here In Buenos Aires: