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L’Iceberg Resta (Bandcamp 2013)

Splitting their own atoms of Hardcore as End Of A Season crew from Reggio Emilia – Italy as Marcella Spaggiari on vocals, Mattia Dallasta (bass guitar), Valentino Boccedi the guitarist as well as Gabriele Villa the skin-basher; releasing their magnetic crusher themes of album not a holy cup and one shall be comfortably, being oppressed listening to this performance products of angst from the mediterranian youth generations of not much hope and anti-prayers in the name of Punk-Hardcore, Sludge-Core or Post Hardcore as well. Miraggio, Approdo, As Me A Child through L’insonnia Dell’uomo Timorato or L’Altalena coming like a blast that exploding in sequence; spreading the entire short news message directly – that the rebellion acts and hatred in arms are coming to your town freaking fast.

Just fucking Beware - Beware !!!

End of a Season: