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Lestat Longboat (Bandcamp 2013)

   Half parts of Dream Theatre half-part of Thrashy period of Bullet for My Valentine collision tight blasting through Hell Kisses The Earth album; releasing by The Reckoning of Somerset, UK. As Sweden’s Rob Lundgren on vocals with UK’s guitarist/bassist/programming Ben Higgins as well as guest solos by Chris Poland and Piotr Kaczor respectively this classic Heavy Metal bursts defining the real sounds of traditional British New Wave of Rock styles there lies for the miles of harmonic crazed beats via the tracks and the opening pit hole sending many of the deader troops to invading your land and killing the rest of us as Hunter Becomes Hunted comes for over five minutes and thirty-seven seconds onto Drag You Down or Turn Ti Dust and To The Death – yells the atmosphere of destruction within the great choices and approval riff-ages, high toned rocking vocals or punchy drumming – all along the facing views pointing to the destructive extinction of men right here.

Take this album and make it your collections of hardening music shelf-compilation for the days aftermath.