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Last Ship Going (Mellow Label Productions 2017)

Six-piece of your Free-Jazz ensemble and Progressive sounds musical made of Japan; Akira Minakami (keyboards), Akira Sotoyama(drums), Hiroaki Mizutani(bass guitar), Naruyoshi Kikuchisaxophone), Osamu Matsumoto (trombone) and Tsuneo Imahori (guitars) claiming their little spot over the forming of Tipographica not only looking fascinated by improvisations but as well also the combination between Jazz-Rock to Prog-Rock releasing their symphonic Avant-Garde for more amount through instrumental music.

God Says I Can’t Dance within the eight minutes more pickers on Friends; White-Collar Worker VS Black Rubber Man length until eleven minutes and twenty-four seconds; seven minutes and thirty-three seconds on Japanese Room (We Have No Zen) as well as Forest Tipographical II as the closing title. Tempo is immediate interactions here not an enchanting promise like a funny cover like they had there.

God Says I Can't Dance: