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Last Dictator (Elektra 1995)

   Feels the crashing course of Indie Rock blasts works in progress while you got to meet these Resident Alien of a Glam Rock UK’s band – Spacehog: Antony Langdon, Johnny Cragg, Richard Steel, Royston Langdon and Timo Ellis as now moving themselves to New York City, meeting plenty of celebrities there and hang-out more often to introducing their group and the lucky debut album to the Big Apple communities.
Groovy and soulful in Rock N’ Roll Bluesy and more Rn’B flavored music mixed within the Spacehog band as well as new girlfriends for lead singer Royston “Ray Sprinkles” Langdon and bass-player giving the music achievements for themselves later on like platinum in Canada or gold in US as well being widely open to be well-known by many Indie Rock listeners. 
   Within the ID card for making yourself legal; the songs over there are also consisting of few great tracks such as Candyman, Starside, Space is The Place Never Coming Down (part I) and In The Meantime which also carried a short story about how the music and the lyrics of that song teasing Winona Ryder to getting too close to the band’s vocalist and being consumed by the music media for evidence news. 

Resident Alien: