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Lair (WaterTower Music 2015)

   Roque Banos Lopez is a Spanish composer whom was a Jumilla, Spain born with his ability for composing music scored his name to be recognized among those others music producer/composers internationally, as the graduation of Berklee College of Music in Boston already making his Murcia heritage background proud as many of the works worldwide being acknowledge well by the media and critics just like the legendary epic novel adaptation off Herman Melville’s In The Heart of The Sea: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack starring Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase the first mate whom kept arguing with his ambitious captain of the ship as well as Ben Whishaw as Melville himself interviewing secretly, the last victims from the whaleship hunting of Essex from Nantucket, MA the former teenage cabin boy Thomas Nickerson telling the entire true story to the famous writer. From the guts-challenging starts of the sperm-whale’s oil hunting party by ship; the good fortune turned to good news for golden glory later on the peak of thus conflicts of interests replaying about how greedy the mankind used to be act to mother nature and her various life-forms through the centuries and beyond.
   The wrath of a nameless white whale – sometimes called as a white demon by Spanish sail-men, showing the power of what water animal can do to irresponsible humans on their environmental conditions. The great collections of instrumentals and vocal’s performance in musc for scoring stage screen as Blows, The Knockdown, A Thousand Leagues Out, Abandon Ship, Separations onto The Story is Told and Farewell may not as terrifying as the crew of the Essex ship watching the beast beneath the clear pacific ocean – devastating and smashed their wooden ship; lurking to kill many more sea-men, rage as Owen didn’t got a chance to throw his hooked spear and the wiser deal of letting go the remaining crew and forever never been seen again; is the Moby Dick.

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