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Krummavisur Strumlied (Independent 2016)

   Vidfrey (guitar, vocals), Lycaon (vocals), Raginmundr (bass, vocals) and Rohweder (guitars) didn’t wanted to make people confusing – calling them closed alliance to any nazi-parted organizations of nationalist/racists but through history heritage, mythology in Norse culture, death and drinking, battles and the creatures or trolls may related to the Scandinavian-background but these Bay Area, California’s Folk/Viking Metal unit – Skogshallen really stands-up against any religious symbols just like how the norse brave troops coming to destroying and decapitate the priests of the western-fall crusaders that settling and desecrated the sacred land of Odin, Thor and Freya – fighting those fakers is a must as Valhala awaits the warriors onto the tales of recording extreme Heavy Metal for Fara I Viking. 
   As the green grass field shall covering in red blood and heads of the monks; the cross god should be fallen onto dirt and songs of conquering anthems on victory such Ulfheonar, Into Lands Unknown, Beyond The Veil of Miogardr; For Irminsul, Weregild or Hacksilver and Der Grimmig Tod Mit Seinem Pfeil meaning the ancient power cannot be broken by the newer faith of monotheist that easily as thousands may becoming victims of fate after times.

Fara i Viking: