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Kid’s World (Good Life Recordings 2008)

Current line-up crew unit of these La Calamine, Belgium’s Hardcore/Technical metallic sounds of fury band – Nasty would be Matthi on vocals, Paddy on guitars and Nash behind the drum-sets as the leaning legacy by the old past-members like bass player - Berri and Chris as the demiurge patterns of brutality goes out bursting via the group’s second coming record-releases under the title of Aggression. Heat-turner as the shit hits the fan in daily problems felt by most of you and the rest of the fucked up world domination within the economy slavery and greed behavior leads the destruction comes sooner than the scientists can predict it’ll happens.
Rocking out the boredom and thus lame-ass theory as putting the issues on the ledges of extinction brink catastrophe made them messages warning onto aggressive sounds music like One Voice, Generation Fuck, As Blood Runs Cold or String N’ Cute maybe not elegantly, wiser but at least – brought your nightmares and fight the injustice decisions would be farther away from the one being called cowards and traitors to the terrible life of our grand-children next. 

No more sweet imaginations for the worst causes and the bad lures of lies.

Nasty's Aggression: