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K-391 (MER/Sony Music 2017)

   Feel the hardest formats on the remixes version of the ultimate single from Alan Olav Walker representatives by other dj’s and remix-ers caught the intense beats off this Anglo-Norwegian EDM producer and multi-talented beat shakers mostly  known to the world of clubbing and dance genre fans as well as the other hits single – Faded.
   All Falls Down commencing your private music favorite on Electronic-Pop and Techno-crowning moments for Mr. Walker as his signature symbols mastering your ears, thoughts and clothing these days even when you didn’t or never heard of him before. 
   The world’s end fight between the famous DJ versus the alien spacecrafts e.p in an extra experiments works from Steve Aoki, Mio, Todd Edwards or Jay Pryor remixes would shown the audiences about how powerful those beats on the originals and then the mixes truly can lighten-up your fantastic late night driving to the nearest party or even the splashing pool waters as the girls and boys went happy drunk like there’s no tomorrow for the outdoors events …

All Falls Down EP: