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Jungle Mind (Stolen Body Records 2017)

   Joel Menazzi (bass) with Martin Valentini (guitars) as the brothers of Nicolas and Mario Miele handling the drums and keyboards cranking the Surf-Rock fair beats with thus doom and drone well wised through the sense of speed marching melodies in diversity elements by the releasing for the Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Stoner Rock of these Argentinian musicians led to the second recording album – Gush which sounding pretty excellent in a regular type of songs to rock-on the hearing sensations of your boring days and goddamn stupid neighbors keep making mess – needs to be shut down later as the opening tracks like This Daze, No Stranger, Garden of Eden, Skull & Bones Blues to D.U.E.L presenting a Heavy duty job served quite bargaining but kept a favorable high even when the band’s singing depressive in Goth-Rock low costs ...