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June Paralyzed (Lakeshore Records 2007)

   Excessive mainly for your corner of darkened themes and metallic clashing music performance this compilation of various Artists in the third installment of Capcom survival horror adventure from the same game name; Resident Evil: Extinction (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) filling up within not just a Charlie Clouser’s works on Main Title but others came in hardened penetrations for the endless seemingly, on our heroine Alice and her band-group of survivalists army escaping away from the evil infecting hands of Umbrella Corporation as the global population already reduced from the living to the deader walks-eating flesh zombie horde even on the remote desert and operated termination of the company’s own ultimate weapon that runaway against their will in form of the fighting girl characters.
Listen to those cranking rocks of metallic sounds (Death Metal, Emo-Rock, Thrash to Industrial Hardcore) blasting later from Emigrate’s My World, Flyleaf vs The Legion of Doom’s I’m So Sick (T-Virus Remix); Fightstar on Deathcar, I Suicide by Throwdown or the ballad within Bayside’s number – Duality (Project Alive String Remix) trying to survive the dangerous roads and infected attacks surrounding them sent by the hideous wicked Albert Wesker (the umbrella chairman) and some unlucky bandits as well the undead army as the convoy contains of Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Carlos Oliveira, L.J the silly driver, K-Mart, Chase and Mikey to Ashanti casting for the thriller action movie. 
   The contamination of the downtown Racoon City and The Hive secret labs; the bombing of the entire civilization started there and the last Mexican stand-off on the new hidden facilities of the corporation under the sand of the desert, spreading of the virus and the white queen computer program helping Alice to destroying the remains of Umbrella Corporation reign must being paid by the loss of her friends and crews. 
As the clones coming to help Alice ending the frictions once and for “all bets are off” and the infection keeps spreading globally and the death of horrendous Dr. Isaac the monster did not stopping the story goes on by terminations among the survival living and the hungry living-deads …