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Julius Quality (Polyvinyl Records Company 2011)

A unit of pyramid-curved idealistic musicians/thinkers from Portland as being the Electronic Indie group messengers; Josh Hodges and Keil Corcoran with Shawn Glassford or Ryan Biornstad – used to be often called in acronym as STRFKR or Starfucker by releasing their Pop-Rock Electro format of Indie Music which pops the albums for the group such as the second one in Reptilians; not really quite related as describing there, only pterodactyl horde flying their tiny pinky flights as the children of men watching them up but the main plan is for listening the music.

Sounds that turning to Pop-based and melodic wrappings may cause the addictions for wanting these band to be your collections. It’s true that from Mystery Could, Bury Us Alive, Death As A Fetish, Astoria, Mona Vegas or Millions pumping the good sense of decent beats calmly, soft and colorful but not too dumb to make decisions to be loved by the crowds. 

Great job in the making here as Starfucker pledges to be the bringer story about the other side of Reptilians.