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Jan 9 Viva (Konkurrel/Project A Bomb 1993)

Via the fifth rare albums of the band calling themselves a weird name baptized as Dog Faced Herman with the thick trumpet or saxophone attacks of sounds based of their Post-Punk and Anarcho-Rock of Scotland comprising for bassist Colin McLean, Andy Moor the guitarist/viola; Marion Coutts the voice/trumpets and bells onto drummer Wilf Plum and live sounds engineer Gert Jan to Jamie Watson. Clipping most of the traditional freaky sounds that will forcing your feet to either tapping or dance like crazy following the band’s performance before they're moving to Amsterdam.
Great hysteria sounds on the mixture for other sounds from different places such as Romanian Gypsy tunes and non-popular bangs for the loyal lyrics cursing to fight the extreme colonialism and slavery in the modern world possible still to happen. 
The recording – Hum Of Life amazingly, talks more rather the harder ways on portraying the sinister and labor oppressing under the law made by big companies to take too much advantages rather than giving the prosper by the same levels as the productions before consumption addicts taking over the globe. Listen to The Hook and The Wire, How We Connect, Love Split with Blood, Wings to White Indians or Love is The Heart of Everything as being shouted by the vocalist louder not whining but protesting the incompetent government did nothing done yet but class wars. 

The group will never getting any supports from the local and national authority for making these worst scenario for confrontation !

Hum Of Life: