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Into Ordinary (Ariola 2006)

   Maybe one or two once ever listening to Bryan Adams remix cover of the hits – Heaven ? Then, the female vocalist on that remix featuring track would be the one and only talented girl born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands as Dominique Rijpma van Hulst whom loving much about music especially, onto Latin-Jazz and Electronic Lounge. As the gifts on performing good vocals for her career project producing to being known as Do; this sexy girl really slowly but as the more European knew her presence then, we just wait and see that Do would achieves her musical recognition sooner than she might thinks since the releasing of the debut album.
   For the next second recording – simply entitled Follow Me as Euro-Pop, Ballad and Latin-Jazz formula always selling good joints to the public music market and within thus sensual good voice and female intuitions on picking the good tunes and melodies to be combined among We Could, Sending Me Roses, Beautiful Thing, Under A Spell, I Will or Take It Like a Man resend the perfect echoes on many Pop-Music lovers to have her works sharing relaxation and comforts gathered around the stereo playing Do’s tracks of romance and sensuality.

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