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Inquity Ram (Yersinia Pestis 2012)

Serious contender for rivalry to old legends like Venom or Morbid Angel perhaps, might be them despites of these Norwegian moved to California crew of devil worshiper, rituals and black masses by the force of Black Metal raw tearing down your speakers to pieces as their sound of destruction producing music hits the jackpot and your face hard like the rusty anchor coming out of nowhere from Satan’s sea of hell.
As thus figures of curses spirits, hallowed corpses and monstrous creatures seems to be attached onto one giant display of horrific terror to giving you a eternal nightmare as the E.P from Unholy Crucifix with Black Mass Metal really would kills your family in seconds. 
No more priests or prayers stronger enough to stop the devilish worshiping here via the lusty and the brutal acts written on Defiled Temples, Impurity Crown, Befoulment of Sacrament and Sadosatryrical Slavegoat will not awaits to torturing the world and the rest of its inhabitants. 

Nobody will be safe when our lord of the earth rules …

Black Mass Metal: