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Indecisive (Independent 2005)

   First members off Limerick, Ireland’s famous Alternative Rock group besides U2 – The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan as the guitarist and a co song-writer born in Moyross; going out his fame shadows and trying to make another different tunes and beats as the ideas for collaborations with Mono band and Arkitekt on this first solo-project called Mono Band releasing a self-titled recording as thus Electronic-Indie Rock blending to Chamber-Pop Dance outfit in slow-motion tunes available altogether there by the inspired likes for the gathering consolidations with many excellent featured artists: Nicolas Leroux, Alexandra Hamnede, Angie Hart (Frente) and Marius De Vries as surprising much of the man’s fans for his previous semi-legendary band – here making a come-out variety of odd music but cool to listen.

Live musical and Electro-Pop meets onto Waves, Run Wild, Home, Brighter Sky to Miss P, Invitation or the hidden track of Coyotes & Helicopters. A good perspective out-look for the quiet guitarist on his own steps shares with the smaller world …

Mono Band: