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Illvminatio Initiation (Deathhammer 2015)

Beyond your worst nightmarish reality for the disgusting necro-cosmos reanimations; performing their gathering existence of an orthodox obscurity destination for the Symphonic Black Metal as unhallowed satanic alliance for these figured members: Arkhon Sakrificer and Angelwhore in forming this cryptic Temple Of Evil leads the temptations of once the god’s servant fighting demonic and witchcraft but sooner later turning to ripe his own path after the backlash sowed the seeds of the devil putting the sinful seven towards the good priests to go dark and evil within the releasing of debut recording – The 7th Awakening.

The original classic Black Metal with the figurines or artwork like naked woman being impales, goat’s head to the phallus of the demon rocking the hell out of you. Chalice of Impure Blood, The Book of Shadows, Necromancer’s Mystical Conjuration or One Last Breathless Sigh For Everlasting Rest and those other satanic tracks will making the high priest of free-thoughts heaven named Lucifer smiles and proud …

The 7th Awakening: