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Ilium Metamachine (Self-Released 2017)

   Drums, sampling and keyboards play from Alexander Lyvov, guitar loops from Yuri Efremov and bass guitar plus keyboards performed by Konstantin Borisov as the Russian Federation trio doing their experimented instrumental Prog-Rock and Post-Alternative metallic Ambient music sessions for being Anthetic of Saint Petersburg opening eyes through-out the story lyrics over the high-tech nations, community of online service or the interconnected of the entirely, new millennium order among mankind – as the buildings keep on built; the computerizations of our minds is getting wider and almost conquering everything we do daily.
   The over-populated issues and environmental destructions might only a folklore like ozone burning or major global warming as the weather being controlled by our own super beasty artificial intelligence just like some being told via Ghost Shirt Society. Re-think about electrifying effects from Modulor, Fragments, Tsunami Museum and The Moon Must Fall before you decided to ignoring the hoax news and the world reports tonight …

Ghost Shirt Society: