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If I Rise (Interscope Records 2010)

   Actual based of the book of real tragic event for survival from Between a Rock and Hard Place by Aron Ralston; around his time when caught on an immediate danger which almost taken his precious life whilst doing his monthly exhibition of biking, hiking plus mountaineering adventures somewhere on Canyonlands National Park – Utah as he spend quite some good times meeting other traveler girls to do underground cave pool’s swimming together before the accident happens to him.
While climbing the rocks on Slot Canyon down, Aron incidently, slipped and fell on the boulder stuck by the rock walls and broke the right arm and wrist with a big rock topping it. Nothing to do even after he did several techniques to escape leaving him no choice but wait as his camera rolls recording his condition for couple hours praying that someone or any kinds of help would be available in appears but seems the remote and low frequency desert as well as the rocky walls composition only caught the poor man fears of dying slowly. 
   Nominated for six academy awards and the great soundtrack by A.R Rahman with various artists writing the tracks in 127 Hours (Music From The Motion Picture) as Free Blood opening the plot within Never Hear Surf Music Again; Bill Withers coming with Lovely Day, Liberation Begins, Touch of The Sun or The Canyon composed by A.R Rahman – the Pakistani genius music-writer as well as Festival from Sigur Ros; letting the audience sees the horrific decision from James Franco finally, got escapes from his own certain death as Aron Ralston in the end. 

Marking the facts that if James Franco can – anyone can ! 

127 Hours (Music From The Motion Picture):