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Idyll Drift (Self-Released 2015)

Some lyrics were meant to be rule the advisory experiences experimenting your life once as the regular Hardcore melodic emotional Punk and further Post-Hardcore emotions regarding the blissful blessed within the winter and spring record-moments of this first full album from Charlton – Massachusetts woods area group named Sustained. 
Used to be introducing themselves as the Worchester surrounding locals within the harder edgy voices to serving the higher creator and spreading reasons to loving kindness as positive stays on their music of safer rock product; Tony, Jade, Chace and Nate blossoming their appearance as these nine tracks recording raise the bigger flowers filling up the small garden of the growing youth as Plae in Comparison, Overgrowth, Wallflower to Your Mirror and I Saw God (in The Fire Reading My Bible) songs from With You’ I Can Do Without might turning like sweet lies or the reality struck you down sometimes …

With You' I Can Do Without: