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Hush Tuck (Dead Oceans 2012)

   Lineup for the group must be Phil Moore (vocals, guitars), Beth Tacular (accordion, vocals) and Matt Damron (drums) for the likes on Bowerbirds (with) Mark Paulson (violin, drums, vocals) – the Raleigh, North Carolina natives performing their Folk-Rock and Indie-Pop ruling music as the crash-course over the viewing of invented looks onto the rural areas and the suburbs which clinging gently n the releasing upon the band’s third full-length via harmonic The Clearing which consisting of eleven written tracks to bare for then, performed and produce for the behalf of the listener fans of the band via Stitch The Hem, rave World, Walk The Furrows, Overcome With Light or Death Wish and Now We Hurry On as the good signs upon the gentle female vocals to the magic melodies playing by the traditional mixed modern musical instruments and for the rural romance and the edge of the woods smells of atmosphere brought back down low crossing your feet; as the afternoon changes to gloomy darker called the night fall.

The Clearing: