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Humanity Years (Galy Records 2011)

Being self-disrupted not begging to the world for forgiveness but planning their own crucible paths as these themed –basic on Technical Death Metal ambience over conflict, violence, destruction and wars leaning the Quebec – Canada fucking trio: guitarist Phillipe Drouin, Dominic Drouin (drums) and bassist/lead vocalist Simon B. Lapointe opening their scrambled metallic extremity career of gore sounds and explosively evil musical via the releasing record of Total Chaos; a full-length works which contrasting the side-effects of perhaps, making the listeners more calm before the bashing tones and growler vocals reign during the record play, Unbreakable Hatred is your powerful cure over the stressed-out feelings carried since the first day of busy week of your pathetic daily life goes on last Monday.
Even if there’s a chance of apocalyptic event struck at the end of this Sunday afternoon with creature-like gods coming down to planet earth as their promises to cleansing the entire globe from seeds of mankind; no more over-populated countries as our existence being wiped out for good but great songs of devastation background may being picked onto some of these tunes via Total Chaos like Religious Intervention, Anger and Fury, Condemned to Serve and We Can’t Exist in This World of War sounded remarkably connected to the sampling lyrics as planned by Death Metal upon this crap of dirt and scattered dead rotten bodies …

Total Chaos: