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Human Suffering (Relapse Records 2010)

   Parading themselves within the collaborated noise and sounds through New Wave, Industrial and Goth Rock music hailing on the opening track Invisible War by Circle Of Animals – the Chicago based Techno-Rock project from Sanford Parker and Bruce Lamont and the plenty rotating drummers changing places to fill the group’s skin-basher position behind the kit. As for the releasing on the band’s serious debut album entitled Destroy The Light; Circle of Animals might creating the similarity provision products just like being under the heavy spells from Justin Broderick or monotonous Rob Zombie screaming records. 

The weird and complicated beats to the front artworks symbols didn’t quite can giving more power to those in temporary fights against all odds. No Faith, Seminal Animal to …And Together We Are Forever means trouble to controlling the upset crowds after Poison The Lamb happens.

Destroy The Light: