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Human Popstars (Murgatroid Independent Recording Company 1999)

   The ex-lead vocals from the first formation of The Cranberry Saw Us being kicked-out but never easily stop making music as Niall Quinn and his friends soon forming The Hitchers as another Limerick, Ireland’s good local band that brings the Alternative Rock and traditional sounds of Erin being attached altogether as spikey rock, ultimate rare scenario of terrace chant chorus and jingled jangled Pop intuitions by the softer distortions drove your sorrow as The Hitchers releasing their second best album entitled For The Want of Some Better TV over Europe continent – sending Indie Rock to its higher steps not becoming as used to complaint by the media as second class consumption.
Sing along and let the music squeezing the cloudy days to be happier again through the chosen tracks like It’s A Context Thing, Sure, Even At Your Bravest and I Can’t Breath In Outer Space as being old, lazy or easy to distract. 

The differences lies on the leftish lyrics adapted by the band from the inspiring figure like Billy Bragg adding the thoughts on social values flaw to Eoin O’Kelly (vocals), Brendan “Benny” McCormack (guitars) and the legacy of the past Cranberries-connection.

For The Want Of Some Better TV: