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Hot Yoga (Not On Label 2015)

   Delighted Pop-Rock and experimental Indie music fashioned for the trio band forming from Halifax, Nova Scotia – Canada bringing their Jangle-Pop sounds, easy listening beats that would asking you to dance silly and of course, that solo pumping through keyboards or good guitar plays performed by Seamus Erskine (guitar, vocals, drums), Billy Taylor-Habib (bass, vocals)and Siobhan Martin (synth, piano, rhodes vocals) with drummer names helping them out like Joel Ryrson and Matt Gallant claim their views on breaking thus barricades for every single one listeners whom liking music to chose them as a favorite.
The Brood came as the trio releasing their second recording via Deranged Love and the exact mini record filling-up with simplicity or sweet friendly musical may harming your addiction for keep on loving them – just like when the songs of I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll or All Credit No Debit or Birthday or even F.N.L parade in a blazing good melodies as the songs inviting you to smiling happy and praised the day or the moments that already gone or for tomorrow that didn’t yet come. 

Hopefully, you will liking it – both the band and their songs !

Deranged Love: