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Host Styx Dolour (Self-Released 2017)

The grey matters of decomposing productions off this Progressive Ambient Black Metal rituals music as a journey ceremonial to the darken mysteries as the opening black hole void appears above you. Some might calling it satanic moon eclipse or more to dig in about Electro-Dark sounds humming and non-pretending in four tracks reveals there recorded from Aeon of Extinction by Antelogos crushing the air traffic within eleven minutes and ten seconds through Absorbing Nihil Torquemada or Unguentum Sabati longing the terrifying horror to your freaking ears as the low-toned groan plus whispering vocals remains too underground and extreme might continues to available in this one.

Think about the restless spirits of Peter Steele embracing the more evil satanic made from Marseille – France. 

Brightest strobes for thus new planet unknown to be called brand reality of hell.

Aeon of Extinction: