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The Frugivores (Maple Metal Records 2015)

North of Babylon - Long Island (NY) brought their Cosmic Folk Metal hails with the precious members appearance here: Jesse Mcgunnigle (vocals, guitar), Jorge Dominguez (lead guitar), Dana Lengel (keyboards, violin), Eddie Carrella (bass) and Johnny Gierak (drums) for the mixed of melodic Death Metal, Progressive Black Metal which sounding epic.

The magical ingredients of Yonder Realm stilt releasing a distinctive tonality factors to bare and the results is The Old Ways album showing you the ritual of sacrificing a pure virgin maid; struts the night skies as the high priest chanting the spells for slithering as the tracks abound comes to struck down the stereo system of the metal-heads audience in Crows, Sea of Cosmos, Enter The Grove, The Pillars of Creation or A Devil’s Unweaving did the re-visualizing on revised your faith and visions among black magic or illuminated ancient beliefs casually, provided to fulfill on this one !

The Old Ways: