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Honest Crime (EMI Records USA 1994)

   For the uniting rare realms of their own parents legacy in seventies-era Rock Music or the past modern sounds pronounced as Pop-culture since; meet the super-group formed by Berry Oakley Jr. (son of The Allman Brothers founding bassist), Erin Davis (son of Miles Davis), Waylon Krieger (The Doors’ Robbie Krieger’s son) completed by the young Blues-Rock guitarist opening for B.B King when he still twelve years old – Joe Bonamassa and the group’s name is Bloodline. Promoting their likes over Hard Rock-ing Blues as well as Classic Rock, groovy music and gearing-up themselves for the small tours since as the recording album being arranged and the competent materials put on the record being released via this self-titled of Bloodline.
   The no questioning pounder drums, keyboards mastering, back-up bass boogie woogie and harder edgy and sensual bluesy six strings really touch the no-offensive line of originality but the media would get sucked to loving it. These rockers knowing that being a musician like their fathers did has the advantages and disadvantages to stepping in and out leaving.

The songs like Dixie Peach, Stone Cold Hearted, The Good Luck You’re Having, Trouble is My Business, Get Off Your Back through Bad Girls or Cell Block 9 – realizing the rely on something not lasted longer to learn as lessons and life-time experiences.