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Hombre Pile-Drive (Lakeshore 2006)

   Between the fate of Ignacio and the real story of Fray Tormenta there’s a line connected about the priest whom used to wrestles as a masked luchador in Mexico through the comedy starring Jack Black in Nacho Libre. 
   As the ophan young Ignacio dreamt about his career life to be a traditional wrestler, doing his daily time work/activities as the cook on that monastery and village services with many orphanage kids and lousy priests until one day everything changed with Ignacio got chance to sneaking out to the wrestler match as well as the arrival of a new, young and heavenly beautiful nun – Sister Encarnacion raised hopes to Nacho Libre to catching his silly dreams to be a luchador. Improving skills inconsistently, meeting his tag-team bum-theft skinny friend Esqueleto, go for their match and lose but still got paid; hunting for an eagle egg for superiority or disguising as local musician to see the infamous Ramses truly, shall making you laugh. 
   Various Artists for Nacho Libre – Music From The Motion Picture filling-up for Bossanova, Pop-Rock, Lounge Afro-Cuban, Salsa to Danny Elfman’s experimental/spoken dialogues keeping the dose of funnier comedy themed raising and explodes quickly almost every minutes whilst the songs like Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker for Move Move Move, Beck on There is No Place in This World For Me, Eddie Santiago’s Black is Black, Los Lobos for Saint Behind The Glass or Jack Black’s Singing At The Party and silly romance on Encarnacion; might wisely showing how much this damn Mexican-background fun never rips from its originality and cheap sensation like Tarantino turns comedian !